About us

About us

We're An Upscale Full Service Unisex Spa and Salon.

Individual Attention and Great Value! We work with International Skin and Hair Products will offer customers both quality products and excellent individualized service to suit your lifestyle. At International Orphic International Spa and Salon, will provide you the best and quick services amongst all.

We will provide the knowledge of good and original products to customers who will suits your healthy lifestyle according to your choice and demand. Our highly trained, experienced professionals offer the latest in our salon, coloring techniques and treatment, spa treatments and Face treatments. We take great pride and satisfaction in providing our clients a warm, friendly atmosphere that is inviting and relaxing.

Your experience at Orphic International will leave you rejuvenated and looking your own personality or identity which you are seeking for!


ORPHIC International Unisex Salon raises the bar in the Beauty Business so that more people realize the “power of real Beauty”, and rightly empowered are able to make the right choices for themselves and optimize their natural Beauty assets.

Our guests, all discerning clients, and travelers-in-style, demanding by nature and by necessity, jet setters, businesswomen and businessmen, rely on us and our trusted Experts and Services to cater to their precious asset as their Beauty Tailor.